TDI Course #111024

Congratulations on getting your adjuster license!  You deserve it… that was no cake walk!
Now.  You’re anxious to get started in your new property adjusting career.  Slow down, Turbo… you’ve got to get some experience if you want to get work.
So.  Million dollar question… How do you break into property adjusting when it requires experience to get work, but you can’t get work without experience?  Answer… The Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute.
CATI is a leader in the adjuster training space.  Every month, year after year, nationally known carriers send their new hires to us for industry training.
You can trust CATI to give you the best, most professional training your money can buy.
Whether you’re looking to hit the ground running as a staff or independent adjuster, our state-of-the-art structural mock-up facility exists to equip you to be day-one-prepared for acclimating to the work you’ll be doing out there in the field.