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Expires After: 1 year

This course will guide you through an understanding of common “red flags,” or indicators of potentially fraudulent claims or actions by an insured or other party connected with a claim.


  • Understand how to recognize potentially fraudulent circumstances in the reporting of a claim, or prior to the reporting of a claim.
  • Understand how to recognize potentially fraudulent circumstances in connection with various causes of loss.
  • Understand how to recognize potentially fraudulent actions by various parties involved in a claim, including the insured, a contractor, an attorney or a public adjuster.

This training is offered as part of the Field Adjuster Training & Certification provided by the California FAIR Plan.

This training is composed of 8 required modules. Upon the completion of the 8 required sections, you will complete a final assessment. A passing score of 70% is required to complete the certification. You may retake the assessment as needed in order to pass.

An additional module including an overview of Xactanalysis functions is available for those needing additional training with this application.

You will have access to this training and all material and resources for 365 days from the date of registration. Material may be updated as warranted during that time.

Additional modules may be released throughout the year. The module will be automatically added to your CATI student profile and you will receive notification of the module’s availability and the timeline for completion in order to remain in good standing with your FAIR Plan training requirements.

The chart below indicates your progress in the completion of the Field Adjuster Training & Certification.

At the completion of this course, you receive a certificate and may proceed to the next course in the queue by visiting the Courses tab on your student profile. You must take the courses in the order listed above.

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This carrier-specific course is by invitation only to Amica personnel.