Contractor to Claims: Career Change Toolkit

Instructors :

Fast-track a successful transition from building trades to property claim adjusting

A career change from construction to adjusting is a natural transition. Whether you're the contractor or the adjuster, you want to make sure the customer's needs are met. But learning to take care of the customer by representing the insurance company means putting a new set of tools in your toolkit.    


If you want to make a successful career transition from contractor to claims, you need to learn to leverage your construction know-how and industry expertise. CATI's training instructors are national professionals with more than 80+ years experience in every aspect of property adjusting, from classroom to CAT, and beyond. 


Contractor to Claims is for you if you're ready to receive training that will help you make that transition quickly and make your mark as a property adjuster.  CATI's commitment is to train & equip you to honor your commitment to rise to the ranks of the best property adjusters in the field. This can happen quickly for you if you're ready to invest and come with an open mind to being trained by some of the best and most knowledgeable trainers in the industry.      

This 5-day course is specially tailored to assist experienced contractors in a transition from building trades to property claim adjusting. The curriculum will leverage your existing skills to successful application to the claim adjusting process. You can expect to learn:

  • Fundamentals of the Claim Process
  • Consumer Protection/Good Faith Practices
  • Homeowners Policy Types
  • Homeowners Policy Elements
  • In-Depth Analysis of the HO-3 Special Form
  • Insurance Terms and Concepts
  • Applying Insurance Company Guidelines to the Estimating Process
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Claim File Documentation, Narrative Reports & Photos
  • How to Apply Sales Tax, O&P and Depreciation to Estimate Items
  • Introduction to Scoping Process
  • Overview of Xactimate 28 Working Environment
  • Creating and Dimensioning Rooms through Xactimate 28 Sketch
  • Xactimate 28 Line Item Codes and Entry
  • Creating and Sketching Exterior Elevations in Xactimate 28
  • Creating and Sketching Gable and Hip Roofs in Xactimate 28
  • Integrating Digital Measuring Apps into Your Scoping Process (HOVER)
  • Preparing Multi-Coverage Claim Reports for Submission

There are no prerequisite courses needed to register for Contractor to Claims.  However, this course is intended to fast-track experienced contractors to adjusting work. So, prior experience in the building industry and familiarity with estimating is required. If you do not have prior construction and estimating experience, we recommend registering for our Adjusting 101 and Xactimate 28 courses instead.


Additionally, use of a computer is an essential part of the work of an adjuster. It is essential that you have a working computer that can be operated on battery power for an hour or more AND that you are able to perform the following functions BEFORE coming to class:


  • Logging in, sending & receiving email from your personal or business account
  • Attaching files to email
  • Creating folders to save files & images on your desktop
  • Uploading photos from your camera to a folder on your desktop
  • Performing standard functions on an Excel or Google spreadsheet (such as a copying & pasting, saving the sheet under a new name, entering basic formulas, etc.)
  • Creating documents in Word or Google Docs (including inserting photos into a document)


**Xactimate 28 must be DOWNLOADED, INSTALLED and FUNCTIONAL on your computer prior to class.


Download the free 30-day demo version at  Please be sure to contact Xactware Support and request Xactimate 28 (not X1) to ensure you have the correct program for class.

CATI provides all instructional materials for Contractor to Claims either online or via a USB drive

In addition, you will need to bring the following:


  • Laptop computer with Xactimate 28 installed and running
  • Notebook, pen/pencil, highlighter (if you like)
  • Calculator
  • Graph paper & clipboard
  • Digital camera w/ memory card/cable to upload to your computer (your smartphone is fine IF you're experienced w/ uploading photos to your computer from it) 
  • Tape measure (at least 30ft)
  • Laser measure (optional)
  • Good rubber soled shoes or boots for walking on roof
  • Tool belt or pouch to keep hands free while scoping

Classes are held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day at our training facility in Irving, Texas:


3109 Skyway Circle North
Irving, TX 75038



Joe S, Independent Adjuster

Came in knowing NOTHING about adjusting or Xactimate and felt that I had a pretty good grasp on things at the end.  Jorge was GREAT!!!


Vince C, Staff Field Adjuster

LW & Jorge were very helpful throughout the class.  They made the class informative and enjoyable.  I would highly recommend them and this class.  After completing this course, I believe I am ready for field work.  


Tanya B, Staff Inside Adjuster

I feel so much more comfortable about handling desk claims now!!!


Rob C, Staff Field Adjuster

Jorge & LW were very dedicated to making sure everyone in class understood each area we were learning and how to apply it to our estimates.  


Troy H, Independent Adjuster

I aill be writing multiple referrals for CATI/US Adjusting on social media sites for fellow colleagues and friends interested in pursuing a career in the Cat Adjusters field.  Thank you Tim K. for your patience, taking a passionate approach to our education and going the extra mile!  Onto Xactimate!


Tim P, Independent Adjuster

This is the best course I have ever taken as an adult.  This course from beginning to end could not have been better.  I'm very thankful to have taken this class and look forward to future classes.  


Rod Q, Independent Adjuster

Thank you for the time you took with all of us.  So mych to CATI!  You taught us the way to make it manageable and to make us effective.  Thanks for everything!


Katrina M, Staff Inside Adjuster

They (Jorge & LW) were both fantastic and made the material as interesting as they possibly could which aided in the gaining of knowledge.  


Anonymous, Independent Adjuster

This course transformed students who never held a tame measure into very proficient property adjusters.  Great class content and training mock-ups. 


Sarah M, Staff Field Adjuster

LW & Jorge have teacher's hearts.  Their passion is to make adjusters better and it shows.  It was a privilege to be a part of their class.  Great job and it was a great experience.


Tina K, Staff Inside Adjuster

I purposefully marked everything EXCEPTIONAL!  This was first class training with first class instructors who truly know what they are teaching and are happy to share their knowledge with others.  All new adjusters need this class!


Jimmy P, Staff Inside Adjuster

Thank you both for sharing your knowledge with us, and being patient with us as we were learning.  This week of scoping with you guys has taken my confidence from a 3 to about a 7.  I still have lots of room for learning and improvements along the way, but this course was extremely helpful.


Stacey S, Independent Adjuster

As a new adjuster the main takeaway I wanted from this class was to be much more confident in accepting a future deployment as a result of being much more confident in my Xactimate abilities.  Jorge & LW gave me exactly that.


Ben M, Independent Adjuster

LW & Jorge: Thank you for your help.  You're both awesome and it was a pleasure getting to know you.  I wouldn't even consider looking elsewhere for my future training. 



**Xactimate 28 must be downloaded, installed and functional on your computer prior to class. You can download a free 30-day demo version at Please review the system requirements at and ensure your equipment is compatible. Be sure the version you receive is Xactimate 28. If you receive the X1 version, please contact Xactware Support and request the Xactimate 28 to ensure you have the correct program for class.