MS Plans Inside Examiner Certification (June 12-14, 2019)

Instructors :

Start Date - June 12, 2019

End Date - June 14, 2019

This certification qualifies you to handle claims as an inside examiner for MS Plans.

Course Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: CATI Training Facility at 3109 Skyway Circle North, Irving, TX

Inside examiners wishing to handle claims for MS Plans (Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association and Mississippi Residential Property Insurance Underwriting Association) must complete training and certification specific to MS Plans. First-time certification must be completed in-person and renewed annually either online or in-person.


Examiner certification includes a one-day session covering policy review and scoping/estimating guidelines with a two-part assessment (knowledge and application). Examiners who pass both parts of the assessment are invited to complete self-paced online training on InsuranceNow (SurePower) claims management system to complete the certification.


If you do not pass the assessment on the first day, you must retake the class (at no additional charge) before completing the online systems training.


Note: Adjusters wishing to handle field claims only should register for the one-day Field Certification instead (do not register for both unless you wish to certify for both)

This certification session assumes that you already have solid experience as an inside examiner and are proficient at file review, coverage analysis, and claims systems. The class will focus on MS Plans-specific coverage and estimating guidelines as well as the InsuranceNow claims management system.

Our commitment to MS Plans is to provide top-notch, experienced adjusters for the account. 


In order to enroll, adjusters must be on the U.S. Adjusting roster and have active, verifiable experience as an inside examiner for a minimum of two years. 


You will be asked to complete an objective knowledge exam covering policy information, estimating guidelines and our service level agreements, as well as an application exam which will assess your accuracy and proficiency with file review. Adjusters who successfully complete these assessments will be invited to return for two days of InsuranceNow (SurePower) training which will conclude with a final assessment to confirm your ability to work a claim from start to finish in a test environment. The certification is rigorous and has a pass rate of 70%. 


Adjusters without the requisite experience may request a waiver of the requirement from their manager. If you are not currently on the U.S. Adjusting Services roster, click here to apply.


If your experience or technical skill level are not yet where this account demands, we encourage you to consider taking CATI's Adjusting 101, Xactimate 28 or Advanced Residential Scoping classes to to ensure you are fully prepared.

Course materials will be provided electronically via a usb drive and our student portal. Please bring a laptop computer capable of connecting to the Internet. 

Please adhere to a Business Casual dress code as you would on assignment, meaning we ask that you wear slacks (no jeans or shorts) and a collared shirt (no t-shirts).