Xactimate 28 (January 21-25, 2019)

Instructors :

Start Date - January 28, 2019

End Date - January 31, 2019


Intro to Xactimate 28 – Tame the Beast!

This course is eligible for 24 hours of general CE credit for Texas adjuster licensees

The beast you’ll have to tame to become a successful, well-paid property adjuster has a name.  Xactimate 28.  And it’s the most widely used software in the industry.  Architects, engineers, contractors, and roofers all use it daily.  So will you

CATI’s 5-day course is taught in THE only training facility in the area where a new and inexperienced property adjuster can use our onsite structural & damage mock-up spaces to estimate actual roofs, elevations, drywall repair, and flooring materials to gain live hands-on experience in the practical skills necessary to write accurate, quality estimates using Xactimate 28. 

Instruction is modeled around low teacher-student ratios and exists to ensure you get out of the classroom and gain the real world experience & application you need to be a successful independent adjuster in this industry.


As a new independent adjuster, every thing you do pertaining to your new career needs to make good use of your time and make good, common, lucrative sense

In order to do that you've got to learn Xactimate 28

So.  You've seen other classes promising great results with Xactimate using an online or traditional classroom setting.  But a solid grasp on this estimating software beast isn't something you're going to get sitting behind a computer or plugging in line items in a classroom.   

CATI's intro to Xactimate 28's 5-day course trains you on Xactimate by having you scope actual damages in our 14,000 ft mock-up facility.  Our process will make you a more confident and qualified estimator.    

If you are... 

A new or inexperienced independent adjuster serious about your success
An adjuster who wants hands-on training on Xact's fundamentals
An adjuster who took Xact online or at a desk and now want full integration & hands-on training using structurally damaged mock-ups

Then you're in the right place!

As a new independent adjuster, don't overlook training on the most valuable tool in your toolbox.  Get the same experience & practice at CATI.  Your competence, confidence, and earning potential is well worth investing in.   

You can expect to learn:


  • Xactimate user preferences & profiles set up
  • Basic sketch and dimensioning skills
  • Estimate items material search techniques
  • Use of variables
  • Activity logs & narrative statements
  • Photo importing
  • Photo labeling
  • Dimensioning through estimate items
  • Dimensioning through sketch


We teach Xactimate 28 in the context of practical scoping scenarios using the fundamentals of materials identification and claim handling, so we highly recommend you take Adjusting 101 first.  Students lacking or requiring a refresher in this material tend to be more challenged learning Xactimate 28. 


Taking Adjusting 101 prior to this class will maximize your investment & understanding of Xactimate 28. 


Additionally, use of a computer is an essential part of the work of an adjuster.  It is essential you have a working computer** that can be operated on battery power for an hour or more AND that you are able to perform functions such as the following before coming to class:


  • Log in, send and receive email from your personal or business account
  • Attach files to email
  • Create folders to save files and images on your desktop
  • Upload photos from your camera to a folder on your desktop


**Xactimate 28 must be DOWNLOADED, INSTALLED and FUNCTIONAL on your computer prior to class.


Download the free 30-day demo version at www.Xactware.comPlease be sure to contact Xactware Support and request Xactimate 28 to ensure you have the correct program for class.

What you will need to bring

  • Computer (PC only; Mac is not supported)
  • Mouse
  • Digital camera with cord to download photos to computer (smartphone camera is fine)
  • Notebook, pen and/or pencil
  • Shoes or boots suitable for walking on a roof
  • Tape measure (30-foot minimum, heavy duty recommended)
  • Laser measure (optional)
  • Toolbelt or pouch to hold tools while estimating


Dress Code

Business Casual – Khaki’s or slacks, Shirts other than T-shirt, shoes for climbing, or boots

Joe S, Independent Adjuster

Came in knowing NOTHING about adjusting or Xactimate and felt that I had a pretty good grasp on things at the end.  Jorge was GREAT!!!


Vince C, Staff Field Adjuster

LW & Jorge were very helpful throughout the class.  They made the class informative and enjoyable.  I would highly recommend them and this class.  After completing this course, I believe I am ready for field work.  


Tanya B, Staff Inside Adjuster

I feel so much more comfortable about handling desk claims now!!!


Rob C, Staff Field Adjuster

Jorge & LW were very dedicated to making sure everyone in class understood each area we were learning and how to apply it to our estimates.  


Troy H, Independent Adjuster

I aill be writing multiple referrals for CATI/US Adjusting on social media sites for fellow colleagues and friends interested in pursuing a career in the Cat Adjusters field.  Thank you Tim K. for your patience, taking a passionate approach to our education and going the extra mile!  Onto Xactimate!


Tim P, Independent Adjuster

This is the best course I have ever taken as an adult.  This course from beginning to end could not have been better.  I'm very thankful to have taken this class and look forward to future classes.  


Rod Q, Independent Adjuster

Thank you for the time you took with all of us.  So mych to CATI!  You taught us the way to make it manageable and to make us effective.  Thanks for everything!


Katrina M, Staff Inside Adjuster

They (Jorge & LW) were both fantastic and made the material as interesting as they possibly could which aided in the gaining of knowledge.  


Anonymous, Independent Adjuster

This course transformed students who never held a tame measure into very proficient property adjusters.  Great class content and training mock-ups. 


Sarah M, Staff Field Adjuster

LW & Jorge have teacher's hearts.  Their passion is to make adjusters better and it shows.  It was a privilege to be a part of their class.  Great job and it was a great experience.


Tina K, Staff Inside Adjuster

I purposefully marked everything EXCEPTIONAL!  This was first class training with first class instructors who truly know what they are teaching and are happy to share their knowledge with others.  All new adjusters need this class!


Jimmy P, Staff Inside Adjuster

Thank you both for sharing your knowledge with us, and being patient with us as we were learning.  This week of scoping with you guys has taken my confidence from a 3 to about a 7.  I still have lots of room for learning and improvements along the way, but this course was extremely helpful.


Stacey S, Independent Adjuster

As a new adjuster the main takeaway I wanted from this class was to be much more confident in accepting a future deployment as a result of being much more confident in my Xactimate abilities.  Jorge & LW gave me exactly that.


Ben M, Independent Adjuster

LW & Jorge: Thank you for your help.  You're both awesome and it was a pleasure getting to know you.  I wouldn't even consider looking elsewhere for my future training.