Adjusting 101 (0119)


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Our foundational course is a must for the new adjuster who wants to be prepared to hit the ground running on day one.

The purpose of this course is to completely immerse you in the area of property adjusting. First, you will become familiar with the different methods and techniques used to build a structure from the foundation to the roof. Second, you will learn the process of scoping a risk and estimating the damage that occurs when a house is flooded with water or involved in a wind and hail storm. Finally, you will be learning how to tie the whole adjusting process together by writing a complete estimate by hand.

You can expect to learn:

  • How to adjust a loss
  • Get organized, set up your scoping schedule, review loss notices, call the customer, inspect the loss, document your file, close the claim
  • How to apply depreciation
  • How to identify roof and interior damage
  • How to diagram
  • How to accurately measure
  • How to write a complete estimate and statement of loss (SOL)
  • How to complete an entire handwritten file from scratch to finish
  • How to adjust losses pertaining to contents