Being an adjuster means having the freedom, financial independence and career opportunities you've always wanted.

But you've got to train for it.

New Adjusters Train to Jump Out Front

You’re brand new. You’ve seen the 2-year experience requirements to get good work. Training at CATI will get you the technical qualifications you need to be ready to work in as little as 3 weeks.

Experienced Adjusters Take Their Skills to the Next Level

You’ve done 20-200 claims, but does your experience give you a false sense of security? During a CAT most examiners don’t have time for your mistakes. They just fix your work and share your name. Train with CATI and put your hard-won experience to work to make you a master!

Seasoned Adjusters Keep Training for Greatness

You know your way around a property claim. You also know the “greats” in any field train every day, because they know unchecked ability leads to comfort zones and blind spots.

Even adjusters who’ve been at it for 20+ years say they benefited from advanced training at CATI. When was the last time you trained?

Over 14,000 square feet of structural mockups ensure real world training experience

Learn to identify damage and materials, complete best-practice scopes and estimate and put your new adjusting skills to work immediately in real world scenarios

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