in order to learn xactimate, you've got to use xactimate

CATI's full range of xactimate training options will propel you forward

Boost your progress—and your profit potential—by achieving fundamental Xactimate skills

You already know Xactimate is critical to your success as a property adjuster. What you may yet not know is how to get the most from it—or how to use it at all.

For most adjusters, watching an instructor fly through features in an online class or YouTube video will not prepare you for success.

In order to learn Xactimate, you’ve got to use Xactimate. CATI specializes in hands-on Xactimate training—even when we do the training virtually!

Whether online or onsite, experienced CATI instructors will start where you are and coach you through sketch functions and line item entry and the way to a completed claim file. No matter your experience, one of our Xactimate training courses will be the right next step for you.

Only our training delivery is virtual—your training  is designed for a complete hands-on experience.

Why you need xactimate 28 fundamentals

Having a license is simply not enough. CATI is committed to getting you the foundational skills you need to do real work in the real world.
  • Experienced instructors who know the job inside & out
  • Hands-on instruction so you're writing estimates by the end of Day 1
  • Daily claim scenarios so you gain muscle memory for real-world skills
  • Current industry guidelines & practices developed alongside our carrier clients
  • Small class sizes ensure you get the one-on-one support you need
  • Insider tips to help you get to the front of the deployment line

What You'll Learn

In just 3 days, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the industry-leading property estimating software required for most deployments.

Xactimate 28 user preferences & profile setup
Creating rooms, Subrooms, Doors, Windows, & more
Estimate line item entry best practices
Creating basic roof sketches with extensions, dormers, etc.
Photo import & labeling
Guided hands-on practice & plenty of Q&A

Xactimate 28 Fundamentals

3-Day Livestream Webinar
$ 399
  • Live Webinar Delivery
  • Basic Interior Sketch
  • Basic Roof Sketch
  • Exterior Sketch
  • Basic Line Item Entry
  • Photo Import + Label
  • 14.5 General TX CE Hours

Xactimate 28 Fundamentals II

2-Day Livestream Webinar
$ 299
  • Live Webinar Delivery
  • Next-Step Room & Roof Sketch
  • Reference Areas + Blocks
  • Next-Step Wall Types
  • Multi-Story Sketch
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • TX CE Approval Pending

Xactimate 28 onsite

5-Day Classroom & Mockup Experience
$ 1199
  • Live In-Person Class
  • Interior Sketch
  • Reference Areas + Blocks
  • Advanced Wall Types
  • Roof Sketch
  • Exterior Sketch
  • Line Item Entry
  • Photo Import + Annotate
  • Integrated scoping training
  • 24 General TX CE Hours


5-Day Classroom & Mockup Experience
$ 1199
  • Live In-Person Class
  • Advanced Interior Sketch
  • Advanced Roof Sketch
  • Exterior Sketch
  • Advanced Line Item Entry
  • Photo + Annotation Quality
  • Integrated scoping training
  • Construction Processes
  • Intensive Material/Product ID
  • 24 General TX CE Hours

things to know about xactimate 28 fundamentals

Xactimate 28 Fundamentals is intended for adjusters with little to no prior Xactimate training or experience. The training will start at the very beginning and work through key fundamental processes to be able to successfully create an estimate.
CATI will provide all instructional material for Xactimate 28 Fundamentals webinar online. You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection and audio capability. The webinar will be presented via Zoom, and you’ll need to create an account to log in once you get your invite, if you don’t already have one. TDI rules will require that you have your webcam active to verify attendance throughout the webinar to qualify for CE hours. Additionally, you will need Xactimate 28 installed and functional on your computer prior to the start of class.
You must have Xactimate 28 installed and functional on your computer prior to the start of class in order to participate. You can obtain a demo version of Xactimate 28 at xactware.com. We will provide additional information on obtaining the demo version and verifying its installation on your computer after receipt of your registration. Please note that CATI does not provide support for Xactimate products. Given the virtual format for this course, your advance preparation is essential, and you will be unable to participate if Xactimate 28 is not running on your computer at the time class begins.
There are no specific prerequisite courses needed to register for Xactimate 28 Fundamentals. A basic understanding of the claims process and scoping process will be helpful. Additionally, use of a computer is an essential part of the work of an adjuster, and of this class. We assume computer skills proficiency in our students. It is essential you have a working computer AND that you are able to perform functions such as the following before coming to class:
  • Log in, send and receive email from your personal or business account
  • Attach files to email
  • Create folders to save files and images on your desktop
  • Upload photos from your camera to a folder on your desktop
Xactimate 28 Fundamentals is held as a livestream webinar, so you can participate from your home or office via Zoom video conferencing. Webinar login details will be provided after your registration is confirmed. The course runs over three days, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Central time each day.
This webinar has been approved by the Texas Department of Insurance for 14.5 General CE hours for adjusters.

xactimate 28 fundamentals

  • Date: may 19-21, 2020
  • time: 10 AM - 4 PM Central
  • class level: Beginner
  • Class Location: Livestream Webinar
  • class size: up to 10 participants
  • CE Hours: 14.5 TX General
  • price: Regular $799 - On Sale Now $399

take your next step:
learn to use xactimate 28

Learn how to navigate the Xactimate Control Center

Learn to set Xactimate preferences & claim parameters

Understand entry of claim information & coverage/loss information

Learn to create and dimension basic room configurations in Sketch

Understand how to set basic room, wall and ceiling properties

Enhance Sketch capabilities using the Reference Area & Block tools

Learn common roof types

Learn basic roof creation in Sketch

Complete basic estimate line item entry using a predefined scope

Utilize calculator, activity codes & basic variable calculations

Understand application of sales tax, O&P & depreciation

Overview of minimum charges and Global Changes

Learn how to import and label photos

Learn basic Xactimate tips & tricks

Complete daily projects in your Xactimate practice workbook

Complete a Capstone project to demonstrate your progress

High-level review of all Xactimate Fundamentals skills

Learn Room Sketch skills beyond the basics

Learn Roof Sketch skills beyond the basics

Practice sketching exterior elevations

Understand how to use the Break tool for Room and Roof Sketch

Learn to draw Vertex (angled) walls

Understand how to create basic staircases in Rooms

Learn to add levels (stories) to your Xactimate Sketch & adjust floor/ceiling levels

Learn how to sketch with an underlay

Learn Xactimate efficiencies like Global Changes, Retrieve Scope & more

Utilize calculator, activity codes & basic variable calculations beyond the basics

Learn how to add annotations to photos

Complete multiple daily projects in your Xactimate practice workbook

Complete a Capstone project to demonstrate your progress