Introducing – the CATI Certified Adjuster Program

A comprehensive program designed to deliver best-in-class training, validation of adjuster skills and confidence in the firms who employ them. 

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Residential Essentials

Develop the fundamental skills necessary to succeed in a residential property catastrophe deployment.

Desk Examiner Essentials

Gain fundamental knowledge to succeed in an inside homeowners claim examiner deployment.

Desk Estimator Essentials

Learn the skills to complete investigations and estimates virtually for homeowner claims.

Desk Adjuster

Stack your Desk Examiner and Desk Estimator credentials to earn the CATI Certified Desk Adjuster credential.

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High-Quality Training Benchmarks the Industry Needs

Magnified adjuster training that delivers the right outcome for every stakeholder in the claims value chain.

The CATI Certified Adjuster Program brings three critical elements together that are poised to transform the future of claims adjusting – Education, Validation and Certification.
  • Education – Best-in-class training with the option to choose from a variety of certifications based on individual goals and areas of interest.
  • Validation – Measurable parameters for determining and validating adjuster proficiency in the subject matter taught in each course.
  • Certification – Credible documentation of successful completion of a course and industry recognized credentials through the world’s largest digital credential network – Credly Acclaim.
With over 132,000 claims adjusters working in the U.S., the competition is fierce. CATI’s Certified Adjuster Program helps set you apart from the competition. Program Structure:
  • Immersive, hands-on training at our two state-of-the-art facilities in Dallas
  • Convenient hybrid of in-person and on-demand instruction
  • Classroom Training + Certification Assessment

Carriers have long needed an effective way to truly determine an adjuster’s skill level in the core areas that are essential to effective claims adjusting.

The CATI Certified Adjuster Program was developed to meet the existing training needs of the industry as a whole and to be an evolving, continually improving platform for adjuster education – today, tomorrow and far into the future. With customizable options that can seamlessly integrate with a carrier’s guidelines, the benefits of CATI Certification extend to every stakeholder in the property claims value chain.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Two state-of-the-art facilities in Texas totaling 26,000 sq. ft
  • Real-world claim simulations on custom structural mockups
  • Classroom Style Learning Center

Claims Adjusting Expertise

  • Instructors with decades of real-world claims experience and learning and development expertise
  • Powered by Eberl, industry leading provider of claims solutions nationwide
  • Dozens of supporting courses to choose from
  • Customizable training for any unique program needs

Industry Recognized Certifications

Join the leading team of adjusters taking their future into their own hands by getting CATI Certified.

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CATI offers dozens of in-person, livestream and on-demand courses to support continuous education and training

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