so, you got your adjuster license

how are you going to put it to work?

Congratulations on earning your adjuster license!

It was no cake walk, but you did it. And now you’re ready to work, but you’ve discovered you need experience to get deployed.

So, wait.  How do you break into property adjusting when you need experience to get work, but can’t get work without experience? There’s one simple answer to this question:


Claims Adjuster Training Institute leads in the property adjuster training space. Residential Essentials is designed to train and equip emerging property adjusters to successfully handle the challenges and learn the ropes of scoping and estimating.

Today, leading national carriers send us their new hires to train and prepare them for their roles. And they send us their experienced adjusters for advanced training and refresher courses. Why not train with the adjuster school that the insurance companies trust?

As a CATI Certified Adjuster, you’ll learn and demonstrate the foundational property adjusting skills you need in a hands-on, real world training environment so you’re equipped on Day One to get the work, and get to work. 


credential to your resume.

Set yourself apart from a sea of adjusters wanting that next deployment as a distinguished CATI Certified Adjuster. Potential employers will know at a glance that you’ve completed our rigorous training and assessment.

CATI Certified Adjuster: Residential Essentials is a one-day certification assessment that is administered on Friday of the Residential Essentials course week.

What You'll Learn

In Residential Essentials, you’ll put your Xactimate skills to work learning residential adjusting best practices over 4 days of immersive hands-on training. Our Dallas training facilities are built like adjuster theme parks where you’ll experience real-world claim simulations in  dozens of structural mockups including living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and fully functional roof structures.

In addition to the intensive in-person training, you’ll receive several hours of on-demand training.

Between your in-person and on-demand training, you’ll learn the following:

Understanding the Homeowners Policy
customer service for claims professionals
how to scope a property loss
simplifying measuring & sketch for property adjusters
photos, captions & annotations
keys to effective documentation & reporting
essentials of construction & product identification
safety principles for adjusters
how to prepare & set up for your first deployment
how to schedule inspections & manage your time
how to work with everyone: collaborating for success

2024 schedule

why you need residential essentials

Having an adjuster license and knowing a few Xactimate tricks is simply not enough. CATI is committed to getting adjusters the foundational skills needed to do real work in the real world

things to know about the Residential Essentials course

CATI Certified Adjuster: Residential Essentials is best for individuals with little to no property adjusting experience who want a solid introduction to the property adjusting role. 

Emerging adjusters who have completed a deployment will also benefit, with the opportunity to hone their new skills to ensure greater success the next time out.

 While the practice work is oriented toward field adjusters, inside adjusters and examiners will reap great benefits from understanding the scoping and estimating process from the back end.


Participants in this course will be writing Xactimate estimates beginning on Day 1 of class. This course designed to hone your Xactimate skills in live claim simulations, but assumes you already have skills with the software of at least a proficiency level.

As such, as a prerequisite to taking Residential Essentials, participants must have completed CATI’s Xactimate X1 Skills Lab course OR have achieved the Xactimate Level 2 certification. If you will not be taking CATI’s Xactimate X1 Skills Lab, you must email a copy of your Level 2 certificate to training@eberls.com.


Additionally,  our objective is to use the in-person class time to its fullest potential by engaging participants in as much hands-on practice as possible. As such, upon your registration, you will be automatically enrolled in the following on-demand pre-work courses that must become complete before you attend the in-person Residential Essentials.

  • Keys to Understanding the Homeowner Policy
  • Essentials of Construction & Materials Identification
  • Photos, Captions & Annotations
  • Simplifying Measuring & Sketch
  • Pre-Deployment Checklist

These courses will take 12 – 15 hours to complete and the training will be the foundation for your in-person class. Please do not wait until the night before class and rush through this important material. 

CATI will provide all instructional material, computer equipment and software and scoping gear for Residential Essentials.

You will need to provide the following:

  • Notebook
  • Pen/pencil & highlighter
  • Laser measure (if desired)
  • Good rubber soled shoes or boots for walking on the roof



Residential Essentials is held Monday-Thursday at our Irving, TX, training facility:

CATI Skyway Campus
3109 Skyway Circle North
Irving, TX 75039

The certification assessment on Friday will be held at our nearby facility in Dallas:

CATI Royal Lane Campus
2025 Royal Lane #394
Dallas, TX 75229

You will receive more information prior to the start of class regarding class times and location.

Residential Essentials is designed as an immersive hands-on course that will equip adjusters with real-world skills by providing a real-world training environment.

To maximize the practical application of residential adjusting skills, some portions of this course are provided as on-demand content to prepare students for class and help support them following the training.

However, to complete this course, the in-person training must be completed in its entirety.

This course is eligible for 23 General Texas Adjuster CE hours. You must have your Texas license prior to the start of class to be eligible for CE hours.

CE hours are not contingent upon your certification assessment results.

CATI Certified Adjuster: Residential Essentials is a credential conferred on individuals who complete the Residential  Essentials course and pass a rigorous hands-on assessment conducted by the CATI training staff. 

This certification can be included on your resume, adjuster profile, LinkedIn profile and anywhere else you promote your skills as an adjuster. 

A certification from CATI tells potential employers that you have successfully completed Resential Essentials training at CATI and have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in Xactimate, scoping and estimating along with customer service savvy, and an understanding of basic homeowners coverages and that you are ready to deploy for homeowners claims.

This certification is a 1-day assessment held at our Royal Lane campus in Dallas each Friday following the Residential Essentials course. You must pass the assessment with a score of 70% in order to receive the certification.

The assessment includes a written examination and a live claim simulation including coverage verification, customer interactions, scoping a residential loss, writing an Xactimate estimate and completing a written adjuster report.


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