Cancellation and Refund Policy

At CATI, we strive to conduct every scheduled course. However, certain circumstances, such as minimal enrollment or instructor illness, may result in the cancellation of a scheduled course. If a scheduled course is cancelled by CATI, a full refund or a courtesy transfer to another scheduled session will be provided, at your option.

We also understand that unforeseen events sometimes conflict with student attendance at scheduled courses. We have developed the Cancellation and Refund Policy outlined below to accommodate such events while also enabling CATI to plan for appropriate staffing levels and space and conduct quality learning experiences.

Unless there are course-specific refund policies noted in the course description, the following guidelines will apply generally:

Cancellation & Refunds

Should a scheduled participant be unable to attend a course, they may contact us for a refund (based upon the refund policy below) or a courtesy transfer to a future session.

Where on-demand courses are included in a package or curriculum, CATI reserves the right to deduct the retail price of any on-demand course started by the participant from any refund that may be granted.

CATI reserves the right to deduct the cost of any materials (manuals, USB drives, etc.) provided to the participant prior to cancellation from any refund that may be granted.


To cancel, the scheduled participant must contact CATI at (888) 987-9272, or by email at training@eberls.com.

A notice of cancellation, in any form, received after 5:00 p.m. on any day will be deemed to have been received the next business day. All decisions concerning this Cancellation Policy are within the sole and absolute discretion of CATI and Eberl Claim Services and are final.

“Business day” means any day other than Saturday, Sunday or a holiday.


A courtesy transfer to a future scheduled session may be requested in lieu of a refund up to 2 business days prior to the scheduled course date.

If a courtesy transfer would cause course enrollment to fall below the required minimum, the transfer will not be offered and the refund policy above will apply.

All courtesy transfers must be used within one year of the original class start date, and the original course fee will be transferred to the new course. If the courtesy transfer is not completed within one year of the original class start date, the scheduled participant will be liable for full course fee and no refund will be issued. Courtesy transfers may be offered only one time per enrollment.


An enrolled participant that is a no-show to the scheduled course will not be allowed a courtesy transfer and will be liable for the full course fee. Re-enrollment will be required to take the course at a future date.

On-Demand Course Refunds

No refund will be issued for on-demand or digital content once the course has been started by the enrollee.

On-demand courses have an expiration date, which is the date by which the course must be completed. Course materials will not be available to the student after that date. Refunds will not be granted for on-demand courses not completed prior to the expiration date.