Real world training means real world preparation

CATI offers a comprehensive program in a hands-on, structured setting. Whether you are new to the field, an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, or an insurance company looking to increase the skill set of your staff – we have the adjuster training you need.

Founded in 1983, Hamilton Catastrophe Claims Service recognized the desperate need in our industry for quality adjuster training. Now operating as U.S. Adjusting Services, our parent company established the Catastrophe Adjuster Training Institute in 2005 to meet this need.

Our state of the art training facility was custom created with the insurance professional in mind, with thousands of square feet of live damage mock-ups. Each student works hands-on alongside our experienced national instructing team to write real claims, as field adjusters or inside examiners, and as carrier staff and independent adjusters.

CATI’s proven track record with hands-on adjuster training has awarded us many training contracts with leading insurance carriers across the country, which has helped us to revolutionize the training field bringing the latest claim handling models and technology to meet insurance company demands to our comprehensive training for independent adjusters, making your transition to the field as seamless as you’ll find anywhere else.

We're Experts in the Claims Field

All of our adjuster training classes are taught by seasoned professionals with years of insurance background in all lines of business. We’ll teach you best practices for writing claims and help you understand what to expect in the field and what it takes to become successful. Our professional instructors will share their experience, wisdom and guidance so you’re fully prepared, no matter where you’re deployed.

Our Training is Comprehensive

This is not crash course, fly-by-night training. We have a comprehensive training facility—14,000 square feet of material and structural mockups for all lines of insurance training. Expectations have never been higher for adjusters in the field. It’s not good enough to get a license and a day or two of hotel room training any more. You need the real world experience CATI delivers.

Our Clients Love Our Training

We don’t just train independent adjusters. We also train staff adjusters for some of the largest, best-known insurance companies in the country. Our partnership with leading carriers not only demonstrates their trust in our training program but also ensures that the way we train adjusters—including independent adjusters—meets their ever-evolving claim handling models and connects to the latest technologies they use.

Yes! We love to show off our state of the art adjuster training facility. Just get in touch and we’ll set something up.
We’re happy to have couples and partners come to class together to prepare to work together as a team. We’ll need each person to create their own account and register for each class individually to ensure proper staffing for the class and fairness to other students.
We certainly aren’t the least expensive, and we’re not the most expensive. But we do believe we’re the best at what we do. Our goal has never been to see how many people we can get through our program. Our goal is to provide the highest quality adjuster training that ensures that each and every student that comes through our program is as prepared as they can possibly be for the real world of claims handling.

As you consider your options, you need to make the best choice for your budget, for your available time, and most importantly, for the type of training you need. Maybe a weekend-long introductory Xactimate class in a hotel room with 30 people is all the training you need, and maybe that’s the right training for you. We understand.

But we also understand that most of the time in life, you get what you pay for. And we have our share of students who went somewhere else first, and didn’t get the training they thought they paid for. The sad thing is, they probably did.

We keep our class size at a level that promises close attention from an instructor in a hands-on setting. We provide enough instructors for each class that your questions will never go unanswered. While classroom lecture and presentation is important in the learning process, our courses balance desk time with even more hands-on practice, working alongside our expert instructors so that you’re not just hearing about how the process works or doing Xactimate simulations from a workbook, but you’re learning by doing: measuring, sketching, identifying damage and materials, writing estimates, role playing customer interactions and more, in our huge facility built out with real-world damage mockups. When you leave CATI, you leave ready to work on real claims, in the real world. Our graduates will tell you it was worth every penny.
For new adjusters, we recommend you complete at a minimum, our one-week Adjusting 101 course to give you the basics and our one-week Xactimate 28 course to equip you to complete a proper estimate in the field. For Texas residents, or residents of a state with no license required who wish to obtain their license for Texas as a designated home state, we recommend you complete our Texas All Lines Adjuster Pre-License course, which is also one week long.
We understand that sometimes a cancellation is necessary. Our Cancellation Policy should address most of your questions. If you have additional questions after reviewing our policy, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.
Taking classes at CATI will certainly help you be well equipped for an adjusting career, but we do not guarantee placement with any firm. Where it is appropriate for a given course, we will discuss the typical career path for a new adjuster and also go over some tips to put your best foot forward, build your network, and land that first deployment. And our instructors are always willing to share valuable knowledge and experience regarding getting a start in the industry. Just ask.

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