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Eberl is the TPA for Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association (MWUA) and Mississippi Residential Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MRPIUA).

Annual certification is required for any adjuster to deploy to work for MS Plans. First-time certification must be done in person or at a live webinar and includes a practical written estimating or file review assessment. 

CATI is the sole provider of MS Plans training and certification.

already certified?

Certification is required annually. If you have previously certified at a live session, either in-person or via webinar, you may renew via the on-demand online training.

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All sessions are held via zoom livestream webinar

All sessions are scheduled from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central time.

Assessments will follow the webinar training. We recommend you plan for a full day of training/exam.

Examiners should allow additional 2 hours for assessment; field adjusters should expect additional 2-4 hours. Assessment is due the day of training.

Xactimate is required for the field adjuster assessment.

Desk Examiners
Field Adjusters

who can certify?

Eberl is seeking qualified  field adjusters and desk examiners to fill critical seats during a storm event. Adjusters must be on the roster for Eberl or one of our designated partner firms.

things to know about MS PLans CERTIFICATION

In a storm event, adjusters who are certified are available to be deployed. Waiting until after the storm is upon us may mean you get left behind.
Your certification is good for 12 months from the date you complete it. Only the first-time certification must be completed in person or via a live webinar. Annual renewals can be completed online at your own pace. Click the RENEWAL button at the right to get started.
Eberl does not guarantee deployment. Deployment decisions are made based on a combination of factors, including the specific needs of the event and the skills and expertise of the adjuster.
Each role has its own assessment. You may certify for both by choosing the Combination Certification at the time you register.
Yes, first-time certification requires successfully completing an assessment. Field adjusters will be asked to complete a sample claim in Xactimate including sketching a moderately complex roof and interior rooms and completing an estimate based on provided loss details and scope, accurately applying MS Plans estimating guidelines and coverage. Examiners will be asked to complete an exam which will include reviewing coverage and estimate line items on an estimate provided in compliance with MS Plans guidelines.

Participants will complete poll questions throughout the webinar to confirm your attendance and understanding of the material. 

Examiners should plan for 2 hours for your exam, due the day of the training. Field adjusters should plan for 2-4 hours and will have until noon the following day. 

ms plans certification

Enrollment for the 2021 Certification and Renewal will open soon. Please click below to join the waiting list and receive notification of enrollment availability.

Don't wait until the storm is here. prepare to deploy now.