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You want a new career in adjusting. Start with the license that will take you almost anywhere you want to go.

You’ve heard stories about the money adjusters can make and the lives they’re able to touch.  Or maybe you’ve gotten some storm experience already under an emergency license. 

Whatever’s exposed you to the opportunity, you’ve identified being an independent adjuster as a profession that sounds like a great fit for you!

The Texas All-Lines Adjuster License is reciprocal with most other states that require a license, so with this one in your pocket, you’re opening even more doors.

CATI’s comprehensive Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-License course has a pass rate of 99%. Our proven instructional model and caring, attentive trainers will lead you to the finish line of that certificate so you can apply for your license.


What You'll Learn

In just 4 days, you’ll learn the key information necessary to successfully pass the Texas Department of Insurance approved pre-license exam.

Licensing Requirements & Marketing Practices
Adjuster practices & responsibilities
Insurance Terms & concepts
workers compensation
personal auto policy
standard fire & homeowners policies
inland marine & ocean marine policies
commercial property & liability policies

2021 schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the July session only, this class is currently offered virtually via live Zoom conference for the classroom portion Monday through Thursday. The exam must be taken in person on Friday at one of our Dallas training campuses.

Beginning with the August session, we will return to in-person classes at our Royal Campus in Dallas Monday through Thursday, including the exam.

things to know about the texas all-lines adjuster pre-license course

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) offers a Resident, Non-Resident and Designated Home State license for adjusters. Except in certain cases, you must either pass the state license exam or complete a pre-licensing course approved by TDI and pass the course exam. Completing CATI’s pre-licensing course fulfills that requirement.

Resident: If you are a legal resident of Texas, you must pass the exam or complete the pre-license course in order to obtain a license to adjust claims in the state.

Non-Resident: If you are not a Texas resident and your home state requires a license, you must obtain a Non-Resident license to adjust claims in Texas. 

  • If your state is reciprocal with Texas, you must obtain your home state license first, and then apply for your Texas Non-Resident license. You will not need to take an exam or complete a pre-licensing course.
  • If your home state is not reciprocal with Texas, you must obtain your home state license first and then pass the Texas license exam or complete a pre-licensing course like CATI’s.

Designated Home State: If you are not a Texas resident and your home state does not require a license, you may apply for a Designated Home State license in Texas after passing the exam or completing a pre-licensing course like CATI’s.

CATI provides general information on licensing requirements only. For the most complete and up to date information on Texas adjuster licensing requirements, please contact the Texas Department of Insurance.

If you have a CPCU or AIC designation from the Institutes, you do not need to take the exam or approved pre-licensing course. You may apply for your license right away.

There are no prerequisites for the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-License course.

CATI will provide all of the instructional material you need for this class. You should plan to have a notebook, pen/pencil and highlighter on hand to help you prepare, however.

If you are participating in the virtual classroom session, you will need a computer with a reliable internet connection and a webcam. We are required to verify your attendance visually throughout the day, so plan to be on camera.

We do not recommend using your smart phone for the webinar as the display is too small for on-screen training aids.

On exam day, held in person at our Dallas area training campus, you will need:

  • Blue or black ink pen (exams must be taken in ink)
  • Calculator (smart phones are not permitted)

Through the July session, the classroom portion of this course (Monday-Thursday) will be held online, via Zoom conference.

The exam must be administered in person and will take place on Friday of class week at one of our training campuses in the Dallas area.

Please note that students are permitted one opportunity to retake the exam without repeating the course. Retakes are administered in-person at our Dallas training campuses on Monday following class week.


This course will be held fully in-person Monday through Thursday at one of our Dallas training campuses. The exam will be administered on Thursday with retakes on Friday.

While we are offering this course via webinar through the July session due to COVID-19 precautions, the course must be taken live and the exam must be administered in person at our facility.

Beginning in August, this course will be fully in-person at our Dallas training facility.

texas all-lines adjuster pre-license course details


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