so you're ready to start your adjusting career

get a competive edge with a start-to-finish learning path just for emerging adjusters

Almost anybody can get a claim assignment or even a CAT deployment. But not everybody can deliver the quality claims necessary to get that next assignment or deployment.

You need a clear path for the right adjuster training, so you have the skills you need to be successful, claim after claim after claim.

We talk to adjusters all the time who want get started in the business but are bewildered by the process and the gatekeepers. Or they just finished their first deployment but went to the field unprepared and they want to make sure they get it right the next time.

CATI has designed a learning path specifically for emerging adjusters with little to no experience to get you started on a clear path to success.

A thoughtfully planned program combining hands-on, instructor-led training with self-paced, on-demand curriculum, the Emerging Adjuster Learning Path is created to cut away the fluff and clear up the mystery, giving you the opportunity to learn and practice the skills you need to get the adjusting career you want and achieve the exacting results the industry demands.

residential property
emerging adjuster learning path

Having an adjuster license is simply not enough. CATI is committed to getting you the foundational skills you need to do real property adjusting work in the real world.

Embarking on the Emerging Adjuster Learning Path for Residential Property ensures you're equipped to arrive at your destination. Sign up now and be immediately enrolled in all of the following courses:

instructor-led residential property courses

Instructor-led courses are held in person at one of our hands-on training campuses in the Dallas area.


In just 3 days, achieve a level of Xactimate proficiency that will position you to quickly integrate your estimating skills to the scoping process.


Learn residential adjusting best practices in an immersive hands-on environment: apply coverage, identify damage, and write multiple real world claims to hone your scoping skills.

rope & harness skills

Learn best practices to safely access steep roof structures in a practical, hands-on setting.

desk EXAMINER essentials

Stay inside and master the essential skills to get deployed as a desk examiner.

on-demand residential property courses

The Emerging Adjuster Learning Path includes both instructor-led in-person training and on-demand training to maximize your hands-on learning.

Some on-demand courses are required prior to attending instructor-led courses. Additional information regarding pre-work assignments will be provided upon enrollment.

Between the two learning formats, you'll be trained in all of the following:

Understanding the Homeowner Policy

Learn how to follow the roadmap of the homeowner policy and gain navigational skills to help you understand any policy you encounter on a claim.

Customer Service for Claims Professionals

Learn the essentials of delivering exceptional customer service amidst the challenges of the claim environment.

How to Scope a Property Loss

Learn a simple process you can use on any claim to deliver a clear, organized and accurate scope every time.

Simplifying Measuring & Sketch for the Property Adjuster

Master your tape measure and sketch function for quick, accurate property claim sketches.

Photos, Captions & Annotations

The adjuster is the insurance company's eyes and ears in the field. Learn keys to delivering quality photo reports.

Keys to Effective Documentation & Reporting

If it isn't written, it didn't happen. Learn best practices to properly document your work product and draft professional reports.

Essentials of Construction & Product Identification

Learn the most common construction materials and repair processes to be encountered on property claims to ensure accurate estimates and boost confidence.

How to Create a Proper Fee Bill & Get Paid Faster

You don't get paid unless you submit an invoice. Learn best practices for completing proper fee bills and getting paid more quickly.

Going Virtual: Using Digital Tools to Level-Up Your Claims

Smart tech has a role in the future of adjusting. Understand how to utilize common digital apps in your claim process.

Safety Principles for Adjusters

From ladders and rooftops to biohazards and a pandemic, learn best practices to stay safe in challenging conditions.

How to Prepare & Set Up for Your First Deployment

Get the best tips to prepare for your first deployment, from the right gear to arranging lodging and organizing your life to be away from home.

How to Schedule Inspections & Manage Your Time

Staying ahead of your calendar is critical to success as an adjuster. Learn best practices from the pros to schedule your time and over-deliver.

How to Work With Everyone: Collaborating for Success

An adjuster works with multiple parties: the insured, your manager, carrier staff, contractors, attorneys and more. Learn keys to work together to move the claim forward.

Written Communication for Claims Professionals

From file notes and adjuster reports to payment letters and coverage denials, the adjuster's written skills are critical. Learn how to use the right words the right way.

How Does All This Work?

Understand the role of an adjuster in the claim process, the difference between a field adjuster and an examiner, and the role of the insurance company staff in getting claims done.


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