Virtual Adjusting

Virtual Adjusting Webinar Replay

Video from the April 9, 2020, session is available below as an additional resource to review or for those who registered previously and were unable to attend.

To complete the course and receive your certificate, be sure to do the practice exercise and upload your final report.

NOTE: In order to obtain CE credit for this course, you must attend a live webinar. The video replay is for reference only and not sufficient for completion of CE hours.

Part 1


Part 1 Timestamps

0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:38 Announcements & Instructions for Accessing CATI Student Portal for Reference Materials

0:05:04 Introduction to Virtual Adjusting

0:07:47 How Does Virtual Adjusting Work?

0:13:36 Essentials of a Virtual Investigation

0:16:50 Criteria for a Virtual Inspection

0:17:50 Introducing the Concept of Virtual Adjusting to a Homeowner

0:22:57 Tools of the Digital Scoping Trade (Handouts)

Product/Material Identification for Virtual Inspections & Key Questions for the Homeowner in a Virtual Inspection:

0:28:50 Drywall

0:37:10 Insulation

0:38:32 Finished Carpentry

0:43:25 Cabinetry

0:51:55 Flooring

1:15:04 Roofing

1:25:10 Q&A Part 1


Part 2


Part 2 Timestamps

0:00:00 No Tech/Low Tech Virtual Adjustment

0:10:25 ClaimXperience

0:23:20 PLNAR

0:45:30 Importing a Diagram Underlay to Xactimate Sketch

0:52:18 Hover

1:05:45 Digital Tools Summary: The Right Resource for the Right Claim

1:08:15 USAS Contact Information for Digital Tool Licenses

1:08:38 Q&A

1:11:50 Practice Exercise Instructions

1:18:00 Practice Exercise Review & Final Q&A


VADJ 03 Hands-On Practice Scenario

Loss Details

The insured states that the exterior spigot has leaked in the wall and water has affected the Kitchen (drywall, insulation, baseboard, flooring).  Quick Restoration responded, and water mitigation was performed.


  • Flooring in the Kitchen was damaged
  • Water has affected the interior wall in the Kitchen
  • Baseboard and wall insulation were removed on the affected wall by Quick Restoration

Insured Information

  • Name: Will Willingham
  • Dwelling Limit:       $100,000.00
  • Deductible:             $1,000.00


A Plnar report is attached with the insured’s photos and diagrams. Complete an estimate in Xactimate utilizing the data provided.

When complete, save your estimate as a PDF and upload on the section that follows.

PRO REPORT - SNP-307087 (2)

Download Plnar report